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Dog Daze - Live!
These performances were recorded live on september 20 and 21, 2002 at the dog daze music festival at foxwood campground, east stroudsburg, pennsylvania.


Ruff Cuts
Ruff Cuts is a live recording of rehearsals at the space during june and july of 1999. some extra vocals were added at br productions before mixing, and two guitar solos were re-done because the original levels distorted going to tape. nothing else was added or taken away. what you hear is the unadulterated sound of tycoon dog. we hope you enjoy it.

Seven Stories High
    One saturday afternoon i got together with al houghton at dubway studio and recorded these twenty tunes. they were written for tycoon dog, but i wanted to see what they sounded like if i just sat down by myself with an acoustic guitar and spilled them out  in live performance fashion. this record is the result, exactly as it happened, warts and all. no editing or overdubbing was done and sixteen of the twenty songs are first (and only) takes

    This tycoon dog record is a truly underground product which was performed, recorded, mixed and pressed to compact disc right in our living room. we often call this project the tupperware tapes, because pete performed on midi-equipped tupperware containers arrayed like a drum set and stuffed with underwear to give them a somewhat drumlike playing feel. turn it up and enjoy.


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