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The Band

Tycoon Dog History

In 1996, Scott Bailey assembled Tycoon Dog from a collection of longtime friends and musical colleagues who had worked together extensively in various NYC bands. The band's goal was to exploit its members diversity and experience to make compelling music that combined meaningful, emotive songs with inspired improvisation. This was not to be a band of unfocused noodlers -- outstanding songwriting was the cornerstone of the band from the very beginning. As Tycoon Dog developed its repertoire, built a rehearsal and recording complex in Manhattan, and assembled a team of light, sound and merchandise specialists to complement its music, the band made several musical personnel changes. By 1999, Tycoon Dog had released two critically-acclaimed albums (homegrown and Ruff Cuts), generated worldwide radio play and media attention, and was touring heavily throughout the US.

Tycoon Dog Today

The band's unforgettable songs, spellbinding improvisations, and breathtaking lights and sound create what we believe will become the classic rock of the future. Extensive touring, enthusiastic audience and media responses, and growing radio airplay have developed Tycoon Dog into an increasingly powerful musical presence in the US and overseas.
Rob Hillard of Jambands.com probably described the band as well as anyone has:


NYC-based Tycoon Dog  infuses playful rock with melodic improvisation and a serious set of bone-digging grooves on their live-to-tape self-released CD Ruff Cuts. Boasting smart lyricism, dynamic vocals, and a talented lead guitarist with a strong southern pedigree, Tycoon Dog stands out amongst a growing pack of bands that skirt the murky border between the jamband scene and modern college rock.


Scott Bailey
         Guitar & vocals
Nate Stevens
Sean Harkness
Alisa B. Anderson
         Backing Vocals








Deb Craft
         Backing  vocals & Percussion
Joe Piteo
Ken Sidotti
Tanya Holt
          Backing Vocals



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