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Ruff Cuts
Seven Stories High

Seven Stories High

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track list

  1. seven stories high 
  2. whirlwind
  3. box on the street
  4. sorry 
  5. mother-in-law
  6. strange
  7. every love song
  8. you're the one
  9. sleeper ace
  10. beautiful day
  11. one big lie
  12. catch him quick
  13. catch a wave
  14. jenny jones
  15. mother nature's lottery crisis
  16. mr euthanasia
  17. d.i.y
  18. buffalo
  19. make the world better
  20. help for the hungry
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produced by scott bailey
engineered by al houghton
mastered by mike crehore

thanks to: al houghton and mike crehore at dubway studio,
santo at the source unlimited, simon britton at chameleon offset ltd.,
vin romeo @ romeo empire design,  photography by deb craft.

dedicated to: deb craft and the members of tycoon dog - past present and future....

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