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Tycoon Dog News

2021 Tycoon Dog plans 

Hello groovy people! 

We hope you and your close ones have weathered the pandemic reasonably well so far.  We've managed to get through it with the band intact, but man - what a crazy time for us all. 

After the long and frustrating forced absence from performing, we are thrilled to announce that we will be returning to Memorial Park in Maplewood, NJ on Sunday, June 20. We'll play from 3-5 pm in The Amphitheater, on the grassy hillside opposite the NJ Transit station.  This will be a safe show - wear your mask and/or keep six feet apart while attending. 

The abundant greenery and lack of reflective surfaces make this a fantastic-sounding place to catch a TD show, and needless to say we are stoked beyond belief to perform again. 

So gather your friends and family and join us for amazing afternoon of fun and music in the great outdoors! 

Current confirmed dates for our 2021 season are below. 


Sun 6/20, Memorial Park, Maplewood, NJ   3-5 pm 
Sun 7/18, Turtle Back Zoo, W. Orange, NJ  12-4 pm*
Sun 8/8, Turtle Back Zoo, W. Orange, NJ   12-4 pm*
Sun 9/12, Memorial Park, Maplewood, NJ   3-5 pm 
Sun 9/26, Turtle Back Zoo, W. Orange, NJ   12-4 pm* 
Sun 10/17, Memorial Park, Maplewood, NJ   3-5 pm 

All shows FREE except * = free with paid zoo admission

2020 / Covid-19 Update 

2020: The Season That Wasn't 

Howdy folks. 

First, let me apologize for not being in touch for so long. I have been holding out hope that I’d soon have some good news, or even something that was more than guesswork, to share with you all. But here we are in July, and I still have nothing certain to say about this year’s Tycoon Dog season. We – and by “we” I mean the band and our partners in the park systems and other venues where we perform – simply have no idea when Tycoon Dog will perform in public again, nor how our future performances may have to change in light of the COVID pandemic. 

We miss you, we miss performing, and we miss each other. And like you, we are finding the delay and uncertainty extremely frustrating. But because the health and well-being of the band, our families and our fans is our primary concern, we will be taking a “safety-first” approach to the resumption of shows, so that when we do return, the experience will truly be, as it always has been, about the joy and positivity of celebrating together through music. When that glorious time finally comes - hallelujah! - we will spread the word far and wide. 

Until then, be good to yourself and others, be careful and safe, and be sure to keep in touch.